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From Barker's Newsletter 2012


David and Sue have recently set up a bakery in Greerton - Blomquists Bakery. After baking and owning various cafes and bakeries in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui, it has taken 24 years to use their own name!

Sue said “My passion is home baking and gardening. We got a lot of help in the early days from the recipe books of David’s mother and nana. Baking to me is about using the best and freshest ingredients. There are no short cuts. I believe if you use inferior produce or ingredients you will turn out an inferior product. You can definitely taste the difference. I think that is what keeps me motivated - sourcing the best ingredients and best recipes”.

Blomquists have a lot of fun. There are no rules as far as the menu goes. If Sue sees something in a recipe book or magazine that catches her eye, it’s made! “Our customers soon tell us if they don't like it!” Therefore the menu is continuously evolving.

David says, “We have been using Barker's product since I can remember. We use Barker's Lemon Curd for cream cheese icing, Barker's Caramel Deluxe Filling for mini tarts and caramel & cream donuts (yum!), Barker's Cranberry Jelly and Capsicum & Apricot Chutney in our sandwich fillings, Barker's Raspberry Jam for Louise Cake and donuts, Barker's Apricot Pulp for scrolls, Barker's Savoury Filling for ropes and scrolls and we now use the Barker's Fruit Smoothie Bases... I could go on!!"

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